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In OL Manufaktura, nothing happens twice. Because the material from which each element is made has its own history, all lamps are marked with a serial number and come with a certificate of wood origin.

Lamps are the main field of our activity, but not the only one. Not every old item is suitable for a lamp, and not every our idea belongs to lamps. As a side activity, we also create interior decoration elements and engage in renovations.



Lamp with a history

Living in harmony with nature and accepting the passage of time is the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. The harmony of beauty and truth. But you don’t have to reach into another culture to feel the phenomenon hidden in objects that are created from something that already existed, that have their own past and character.


Our wooden lamps come from old, noble pine beams that were originally intended for firewood due to demolitions and building renovations. But how can one without regret turn a resin-scented, ancient, mighty beam, which holds a story about a home, about people, about bygone times, into ashes?


The industrial lamp series usually consists of old antique lamps from the mid-20th century that have been renovated – combining vintage design with new technology.


Author’s lamps, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are lamps created based on various old objects to which we give new life. An old gearbox salvaged from a lake, a mighty screw, a twisted piece of root – all of these can become elements of a new lamp with a rich history.

  • Hanging lamp “Belka” 4 luminaires
    Lampsstare drewnoWood
    Hanging lamp “Belka” 4 luminaires
    4 luminaires
    A handmade lamp made of a solid pine beam. The wood comes from old construction beams, cut lengthwise into narrower ones. The outer parts, which show the history of wood, cracks, carpentry work, or traces of nails and their removal, are used for lamps of the “beam” series.
    Dimentions: 135 x 18 x 10 cm
    Weight: 9 kg
    Power: 4x5W
    870 €
    Product available on request

The creator of OL Manufaktura,
Szymon Smerek, instead of the lesson

“Be like everyone else” from his family home, took away a different one:

“Learn about everything, but be yourself.”

When working
I listen to this

From a young age, he traveled a lot, absorbing the culture, architecture, and customs of various corners of the world.
And when he returned to his Warmian home, he spent time on manual activities.
If he wasn’t assembling models, he painted the fence, fixed something, or built a shelf.

Despite his generation often discarding instead of repairing, he is close to the idea of giving objects a second life.
Instead of participating in the race for newer models, he is fascinated by what is iconic and timeless – old American cars,
timeless hard rock sounds, wooden furniture that remembers what has passed.